Blind Date With Mr A

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Last weekend, I had a date with a man who while chatting on the internet and the occasional phone conversation seemed nice. We had exchanged emails about likes and dislikes over the last few weeks and we agreed to meet up.

This is how the date went. We met at the place we’d agreed upon. I had arrived earlier than him as I wanted to see if I could see him before we official met so I could form an opinion of the guy in private. This man came along swaggering and I said to myself ‘please don’t let that be him’ and as is my usually fate, it was him. So… Mr A is in his late 30’s, so not exactly an oldie but within 10 minutes of us saying hello he was telling me that he had a bad back (etc etc etc). I started to think that he may be older than he was telling me. He seemed to have a world weary attitude about everything, and although I’m very nearly 30 myself, I still have the outlook and attitude I did when I was a student 10 years ago.

I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that  he was just a bit tired and that he would start to pick up once we got into a decent conversation. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. As I said earlier, we had been exchanging emails about our likes and dislikes. I made it very clear that I dislike spectator/team sports and that there was absolutely no point in talking to me about them as in my head it sounds like blah, blah, waffle, waffle, drivel, drivel. His entire conversation ended up being about which football team he supported, would I like to watch him play rugby one weekend, do I like golf, what did I think to some foreign player being sold to another team for a stupid amount of money, what was my opinion of some F1 teams car etc. I was starting to think that I was on a date with someone completely different from the man I had been messaging. Once I finally managed to get him to stop talking about sports, he started talking about his ex and how her and his family didn’t get on.

It’s never a good date when someone starts slagging off ex partners. Thankfully at this point in the conversation the food arrived so he shut up while he shovelled food into his face. As soon as I saw that he was eating the onions on his side salad and had ordered the garlic bread (which I had failed to notice at the time as I was too busy trying to block out the sports waffle by trying to remember the lyrics to Uptown Girl) I felt an almightly sense of relief. I realised that he obviously wasn’t expecting a kiss at the end of the night.

When the night was finally at it’s end I shook his hand said thank you for the date and dashed off in the direction of my car. I got a text message from him before I even reached the exit to the car park. When I got home I read this message: Im guesin dat u dnt wana go ot agin.

I hope he’s not expecting a reply. Spanish wives Italian wives Hungarian wives Turkish wives Bulgarian wives Russian wives

Attempting to Work Out Single Women

Single women are a bit of an enigma. No new news there. From the dawn of time, men and women have often been a conundrum to the opposite sex. What occurred to me the other day was if you date single women, how do you start to work them out, does it matter?

In secret, ask any married man and they’ll tell you on the face of it they act like they don’t know what women are thinking, yet they know their wife inside out and can more often than not, predict their every move, every thought and every change of heart.

At one point, the lady in question must have been an enigma, so what’s the secret? Is working that person out part of the key to a successful marriage?

When you date single women in the early part of the relationship, you’re not part of their inner circle, trust is a very finely balanced instrument and you’re more worried about working out if you’re compatible in the bedroom rather than working out what’s in her head.

Is that important? Surely you just want to have fun?

You’d agree, wouldn’t you?

Yet, you sometimes get to date single women who you just know, who you click with, who through some sort of intuition know what they’re thinking, not necessarily why, but you understand and know instinctively how they work.

When you meet that person, do you think you’ve met your match?

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